Excuse my moodiness, I’m a tortured creative type

Apologies that all has been quiet on the blogging front for some time. My current excuse is that I belatedly signed up to NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where you commit to writing 50,000 words, for better or for worse, of your novel. This is a worldwide movement taking place each November. There are write-ins, online word wars, forums for character and plot advice and a spirit of frenzied industriousness. 

I didn’t start till the 10th and am a bit slow, so it seems unlikely I will get the 50 thou down. It’s an interesting process though and I’m glad to be doing it. One reason is that it gets rid of any excuses. ‘Oh, I’m not sure this plotline is working,’ ‘this character lacks depth,’ or ‘this is going nowhere, it’s a crap idea.’ You think these things but keep writing anyway. With the aid of caffeine.
The point is to get out some sort of draft. It’s not likely to be much good, but it’s a start. Even if its ultimate destination is indeed the bin (or its electronic equivalent), you’ve still got something out of it. You have had countless hours of practice at being a productive writer, at over-riding your inner editor and letting yourself be creative without fear or fetter. Well- plenty of fear, but you turn the volume down on that and bid your fingers to keep clattering away on the keys regardless. 

It’s a lonely process. Writing by its nature is isolating, but in a way it is also a fine remedy against loneliness. It gets you involved in a big way. Yes, in an imaginary world with people of your own creation, but it’s still satisfying. The people you create are likely to be of interest to you, otherwise how could they arise from your grey matter?

It is all great fun. However, here I am writing a blog post. Yes. I am an expert procrastinator. 

I’ve done 8600 words so far so have quite a way to go. If I do finish it and it’s not unsalvageable, I will cut it into pieces, stitch it up again, paint it a lovely hyacinth blue, and make an e-book or some kind of cake and sell it to you all for 50c a slice.